About Us

Since 1999, Aircraft Services, LLC has been managing aircraft for companies and individuals in the Intermountain West. Managing the aircraft includes all maintenance, accounting and operational organization on behalf of the aircraft owner. The expectation is that Aircraft Services will handle all the needs of scheduling and keeping the aircraft airworthy. This allows the passengers and aircraft owners to focus on travel, not the business of traveling.

Maintenance is a big part of corporate aviation. Aircraft Services, LLC started out as a maintenance shop and grew as the needs of the maintenance customers changed. We perform almost all maintenance and inspections for aircraft in-house to avoid fuel costs and the cost of flying the aircraft out for work. We have three full-time mechanics and two mechanic assistants on duty that have been trained in many corporate aircraft. Many of the pilots are mechanics as well, providing them with a better understanding of the systems on the aircraft and an increased ability to keep the aircraft flying while away from the home base.

The relationships Aircraft Services, LLC has made over the past 18 years in Salt Lake City have had a real benefit on the bottom line. Purchasing power by collective bargaining for all their customers has decreased hangar, fuel, insurance and parts expenses. We have built a network of contract pilots and mechanics to assist when business gets busy or unscheduled maintenance is required on the road.